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Allow admins to define and override extractors at the instance level


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      From CATS-890 and previous work, we offer a per-space view that lists all known ExtractorInfo objects registered with Clowder. From this view, we allow the user to select which extractors should react to events that arise from this space. This effectively allows the user to enable/disable particular extractors for each space, if they so choose.

      A rough mockup of the "per-space extractor selection" feature can be found here

      It would be nice to offer this functionality at the instance level as well. We could offer a similar view (likely hidden under the Admin dropdown at the top-right) that would list all extractors registered with this instance of Clowder. Ideally, this would reuse the code previously authored for the per-space extractor selection (see CATS-890).

      Open questions:

      1. What does selecting an extractor mean in this view?
        • Option A: Selected => normal operation, deselected => disabled instance-wide?
        • Option B: Selected => react to all eligible events, deselected => defer to space settings
        • Option C: Something else?
      2. How do we break ties / resolve conflicts:
        • What should we do if Admin has disabled an extractor at the instance level, but it has been enabled on a particular user's space
        • What should we do if Admin has enabled an extractor at the instance level, but it has been disabled on a particular user's space

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