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Include public and published content on Project Space landing page


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      As a researcher, I want to see the full set of things I have access to in a given project space, including project spaces that I am not part of. As a project space member, I want to direct people outside of my team to my project space page where they can then access the things that my team has made public or has published.

      Note: today we have 1) Publicly accessible landing pages for project spaces; and 2)the ability for project spaces to allow some or all of their datasets to be public (accessible to people who are not part of the project space, including non-logged in users). With this story I think we want a single landing page for a project space; what appears on that page is dependent on whether a given user is a member of that space and what the project space team has made publicly viewable, but the basic design of the page is the same.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      1. If a project space has made any of their datasets publicly accessible, a section appears for Datasets and Collections.

      2. Underneath each heading, text reads "This Project Space team has made the following datasets and collections publicly available."

      3. The set of publicly accessible datasets and collections appears under each heading.

      4. On the project space page there is a section/tab/whatever that lists all the data published from the project space. Same information as on the SEAD-wide list but for the space only.

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