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User can specify a relationship between files


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      As a data producer, I want to be able to specify a relationship between files in SEAD. Note that we have allowed users to specify relationships in SEAD 1.5 so we need to be able to migrate that information to SEAD 2.0 for 1.5 projects.

      What one competitor is doing: http://help.osf.io/m/files/l/524182-file-revisions-and-versions

      Acceptance Criteria:
      1. A user can specify that a relationship exists between items. The default set of relationships that users can choose from are:
      -this file is a version of that file

      2. If a given file is related to some other file in SEAD a link to the other file will appear on the file information page for all related items.

      3. A user can remove the relationship between items.

      4. The set of relationship options available on SEAD is configurable/customizable by SEAD internal people and applies to all SEAD project spaces. (ie not customizable on a project space basis).. this means that AC1 is something that can be modified and added to over time.

      5. Ensure there is a way to represent/translate relationships that are specified for 1.5 project space data.

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