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    Repository error while detecting branches for repository 38174757. command [/usr/bin/git -c credential.helper= -c 'credential.helper=store --file=/home/opensource/bamboo/temp/gitCredentials8391110154256177136.tmp' ls-remote https://********] failed with code 128. Working directory was [/home/opensource/bamboo/temp]., stderr:
    warning: redirecting to
    fatal: remote error: Repository offline
    The requested repository is offline and cannot be accessed. Please wait and try
    your request again.

    (27 May 2024, 8:00:54 PM)

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review-mjb-vmf Plan Disabled #4
review-trw-789 Plan Disabled #2
review-jla-743-import_message Plan Disabled #1
review-jlc-625-expectJ_diff_lib Plan Disabled #1
review-jlc-803-remove_main_tests Plan Disabled #1
review-sdl-885-saxon Plan Disabled #1
review-trw-451 Plan Disabled #1
review-trw-471 Plan Disabled #1

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