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This VM has the services for DTS installed (Medici, MongoDB and RabbitMQ) and will allow you to experiment with add code as a DTS service. You can access Medici from your machine (where you have the VM running) at http://localhost:8880/medici, to access rabbitmq you can connect to http://localhost:8880/rabbitmq/. You can ssh into the machine using ssh -l browndog -p 8822 localhost. When you login (username=browndog, password=browndog) you will see a folder called example-extractors, these are some examples of extractors that you can modify to your liking. On this machine is installed the full java JDK as well as maven, so you can compile and run the example java extractor. For the python extractor pika and requests are globally installed and you should be able to run that extractor as well.

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