With growing and diverse collections of data becoming part of modern scientific workflows, many research projects today begin with a process of data wrangling, i.e. finding, manipulating, indexing, cleaning, and bringing together needed datasets.  DIBBs Brown Dog aims to alleviate some of the overhead and heterogeneity in the processes involved in this step which tends to otherwise hinder scientific progress and reproducibility. Through a REST API Brown Dog provides data transformations such as format conversions (leveraging Polyglot) and content based extractions (leveraging Clowder) as a service which supports diverse usage through various clients and programming languages.  Further, Brown Dog provides a venue to access and preserve data transformation tools, track provenance, track information loss, manage data movement, and process jobs in a scalable manner across a diverse set of computational resources. Overall, Brown Dog provides a low-level data infrastructure to interface with digital data contents and through its capabilities move software to being more agnostic to the format/structure of data, enabling the scientific community to focus more on their research, less on data wrangling, and allow researchers to more easily access datasets that would otherwise be inaccessible.

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