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Clowder NewsletterShannon Bradley

Just about ready to release


Brown Dog SupportShannon Bradley

redirect support emails to Clowder email per Kenton

but there are only Clowder (which go to the whole group) and Clowder-Admin

need a plan - clowder-support? clowder-announce? ask for registrants

How do we deal with projects that have expired and how do we support them? take to technology group?


will be getting more external participants soon

Webinars - we will be picking dates and hopefully getting more new participants

Promoting - make better text? share - include calendar invite - Bytes and Pieces (Wed)

Ideas for Presentations: (notes: from 11/22 - 2019-11-22 Meeting notes)

Make a wiki page for this

  • Extractor Parameters
  • AWS setup and Clowder vs Kubernettes
  • Clowder setup in Kubernettes
  • Permissions and Configuration Settings (Permissions Roles and Spaces)
  • Config Parameters that change behavior of the app
  • Enabling and Triggering Extractors
  • How to develop new previewers and relations to extractors
    • core extractors readme - this is an example - see this for other ideas
    • previewers don't have to be in core - make a previewers core by itself
    • an old view used to show previewers - not in menu (previewers/list)
  • 2.0 Roadmap

Please add more

Not up on You Tube yet

2.0Todd and Maxworking on 2.0


downloading big reports - timeout

  • is clowder login cookie expiring? tested - not the issue
  • downloading with curl - 1 hr 13 mins 14 sec - closed with outstanding read data existing - but there was a full line in the excel report
  • may be missing more files in the report
  • mongo timeout?
  • error in specific record?
  • Rob will directly query to see how many records and look at specific records where it is stopping

Signup link on a space

  • request access link
  • access only appears if enable public is true
  • adtl logic - if logged in as user and have role it does #1 ... if you don't it does request access
  • will post on issue suggestion for how logic will change to make needs possible after enabling public

code to review and test - Todd has so far ... Max will next

Luigi would like to do a patch release

Bing's migration scripts for AWS still in PR is still out there too