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  • Pull requests still open esp Industry.  There were changes made to the routes file and is causing an error.  We should merge extractor catalogs into the release branch.  There will be a 1.12 release on Monday, November 2. 

  • Storage reporting - which users are generating the most extractor time.  Still debugging, but it goes to the extractor events table.  Look at the Mongo container to make sure it is not running a colscan.   We need to add user_id in order to determine who is generating the most extractor time.
  • If we take Luigi's version of tracking user_id, we may be able to migrate into the database
Mike L.
  •  working on deploying extractors using Tensorflow in kubernetes. Once finished will document how to do this successfully.
  • meeting with Max next week for Silhouette Play tasks. This is blocking other parts of the 2.0 refactoring. 

update extractor ocr, iptc, zip2 folder, zip inventory, geotiff metadata, geoshp, pycsw extractor to use pyclowder2.3.4. rewrite geotiff metadata to use pygeoprocessing2.1.1 (many thanks toMaxwell Burnette Yong Wook Kim ).  working on the rewriting of geoshp extractor.

We need to upgrade to Python 3.  If you write an extractor, keep an eye on it to make sure that it doesn't disappear.

Will try to get the geoshape done this week.  Have Max Burnette look at the zip file

  • Catalog has a number of submitted extractors.
  • Need to roll out the latest version of the catalog, plan for Monday.
  • Hope to get a review/merge for error handling and logo updates.
  • Max will try to get feedback to Mark this afternoon.
Mike B.
  • =EarthCube:
  • ·Met on how to make new css non-static/usable /how to populate later
  • ·ec-throughput will be one of interviews this week, get followup plan
  • ·started 1 new crawl, that needs more offline render/ sitemap
  • ·learned more clowder dbg,incl settings to make it open..,present ideas
  • · on metadat: tab-picking & highlighting, get that moving (use # to find correct tab)
  • ·should try api data-augment for css population w/o key now
  • Promoted Metadata in Space Displayed on Right Panel
  • Having metadata appear on the side would be more complicated, but should be done. Promoted metadata in spaced displayed on right panel
  • Github adds to the right the "about" text
  • any repository moved to github is no longer public in Bitbucket and renamed to be github_
  • add pyramid code to geotiff extractor and updated to python 3.7
  • Rob Kooper and Bing Zhang should write a google doc of how we are moving items from Bitbucket to Github.

the video of the tutorial - "How to Build and Engage with Your Community" at Gateways 2020

Clowder starts at 21:00 (it is just a burb about Clowder to lead into use cases)
I did the majority of the PPT for the whole tutorial

How can we keep this updated? Governance


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