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  • Webinar
  • Please help answer questions during slack office hours
    • We hold office hours on Slack every Thursday 9am CST. Please join us on and say hi in #general. Specific questions can be asked in the #developers, #extractors and #deployments channels.
    • From the Steering Committee, how often are webinars done - let's shoot for quarterly to coincide with the newsletter

Mike L.
  • PR for support for Amplitude for event tracking/analytics (commercial version of Google analytics).  We pay for Amplitude and may want to use Google Analytics for other analytics from Syngenta
    • Adds tracking snippet/user can specify their Amplitude apikey in the customize view when Adblocker is enabled it does not capture the information
    • This follows the same pattern that we currently use for Google Analytics
  • PR for individual events that we're tracking
    • view_resource : Tracks File/Dataset/Collection Views (includes file/dataset/collection viewed, file/dataset/collection author name/id, viewer name/id, file size)
    • extraction : Tracks Extractor Submissions (includes extractor name, target file/dataset, file/dataset author name/id, submitter name/id)
    • upload : Tracks File Uploads (includes uploader name/id, target dataset, upload size)
ToddHas a topic for the next webinar
  • tweak bd-test framework to clowder-test.
  • upgrade clowder-test code to use python 3 and upgrade the dependent python package.
  • beside string matching, add new feature to clowder-test to do deep matching between two python dictionary objects.
  • docker clowder-test web service, install mongo driver for php.
  • Still getting errors in python  2 to 3
Mike B.
  • =EarthCube:
  • ·1st css mtg to coord work in progress
  • ·1st re-skinned clowder search-page    
  • ·Collecting jsonLD elts for left-side filters
  • ·metadata-tab switching & url-hash get/set works. Need a good test case.  Split this into two PRs
  • geospatial is the only one using previewer with layers
  • Whole Tale is now using Clowder
  • · after tested back to ec backlog·
  • last week incl:
  • · incl way to hook up filters so they alter results
  • · Updated paswd-less api code & colab NoteBook example
  • ·Got 1 new repo in, &possible way 2 do headless crawl
  • ·no throughput (KG 4 re links) api links, till after new search parts
  • Throughput is being developed to gather Earthcube documentation and links
  • Adding extractors automatically updates extractor info and pushes it to the catalog.  Here you can look for test file.

  • updating geo extractor, creates pyramid

  • tif images can be added to the geoserver

  • still running into problems with Python 2 to Python 3

  • Use Milestones in Git Hub to start planning thing out?
MarkTwo PRs open

We have missed the deadline for some in 2021 already - those we have not include
iEEE, CVPPP, and Science Gateways

LisaSee Action Items

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