• S3 Buckets
    • spend some time next week discussing
    • Max will create an issue
  • Clowder All Paws Agenda
    • Volunteers for Breakout sessions
      • Max Burnette
      • Mike Lambert
      • Todd Nicholson
      • Michael Johnson
      • Luigi Marini

Discussion items:

  • Conference Discussion
    • Luigi will go over the updated outline for the Clowder agenda:
    • Slides are being created, some are complete.  Please check the folders for slide templates.  The detailed internal agenda shows that each numbered point under the talk should have a slide. Templates are in Clowder Slides Template Folder.  Discussion followed about the templates. Templates found here: All Paws Webinars
    • Max will demonstrate which templates he used (he only used three).
    • Try to get your pre-recorded talks and slides prepared by the end of the week.  The due date to submit is June 13th.
    • Shannon volunteered to help dump slides and organize as well as add animation if needed.
    • Most of the presentations will be recorded, but there will be live sessions as well to promote interaction.
    • Keep all of your recordings as they may be able to be used on other projects, presentations.
    • Questions will be put into chat, but Lisa will have an internal google doc with the questions for the presenter to address at the Q&A part of the talk.
    • If you need help with your presentations, please reach out.
    • Max shared his slides with where demo videos will be inserted in GRAY.  He suggests color coding slides to remind what is not done and what is done.
    • Max also offered to help clean up presenters power point decks.  Please reach out.
    • This conference is a great opportunity to get exposure to many different groups. 
  • Issues with Clowder
    • Change Events - Is this creating issues with memory?
      It was not the memory, it was the channels that caused the blocks.
    • When you hit the plug-in, the service starts up.  When we only had one type of extraction, the user events had only one path to use.  Opening connections also need to be closed!  Max will look at the code to see if he fix this slow-down.
    • Mike notes that making a buffer may correct this problem.  Perhaps we could make a queue to hold messages until we get 100 or so, and then send, rather than sending one at a time.
    • If we downgrade to 1.16, will this fix the problem?  We need to cache the connections.
    • Extractor and User Service may also be a solution.


Mike L.



Mark F
Mike B.


Michael J

can help next week on slides - will start filling out decks with outlines to get them started
We had 59 unique registrants on 6.1.21.  Yesterday, there were 18 on the new registrant list, so we've added another 9 last night! Total is now 86

Presented the Agenda and asked speakers to add what they will be talking about.  Discussion about times and content of agenda.


First Shipment of swag went out.

Be sure to register for the conference.

Action Items/To Dos: