Added to JIRA under sprint Spaces V: Perms Strike Back.

  1. Roles: Organize alphabetically in the UI. 
  2. A viewer shouldn’t be able to add a dataset to a space if it doesn’t have the permission. Add the permission check in create space and edit space for datasets and collections. 
  3. Login with google and Facebook. 
  4. Add Follow/Unfollow button to the spaces
  5. Fix the UI for the collections that are being followed. 
  6. Fix cases in checkPermission that are vulnerable to None.get calls CATS-75

Spaces–Other Bugs

  • Winston Jansz : On splash page, badges holding resource counts are the same color as their associated resources; red.  But the latter are clickable links, leading user to believe that the badges are clickable too, although they aren't. CATS-126
  • Improvement. Create space, should move the expiration radio above the time to live (assuming these go hand in hand). CATS-155
  • Bug/ Discussion. The tags show weights and counts for all the files, and link to the files that have those tags, even though you don't have access to those files. Is that expected?

  • Bug/ Discussion. When you click dataset, search by metadata, you can get there datasets that you don't have access to. Is that expected?

  • Winston Jansz : Improvement. Create a manage users html, that combines: edit-members, handle pending requests, and invite people to the space. Organize People alphabetically on each role. Add links to the users profile? CATS-166
  • Improvement. Refactor of Create Dataset page. CATS-103
  • Bug. Remove the "Get Member's with access to this dataset" and "Get Member's with access to this collection" When there is no space associated with them. It gives an error right now. CATS-154
  • Bug/Discussion. Do we want to keep the My Files tab on the profile? Are we still allowing to follow files? 
  • Improvement. In list roles, instead of "Resource to Collection": Add. Can we have instead Collection: Add Resource ? (Same for Dataset and Space)
  • Winston Jansz : If a user times out (Gets logged out after inactivity). And you refresh the page, It gives a None.get error on Secure Controller. Probably checking if the user exist on secure controller, and if not, send them to login page is a better approach to this. CATS-151

  • Rob Kooper : Tags/list/ordered is failing. AS well as the cloud one.
  • Rob Kooper : On Create/Space there is a bug with the top part. It shows the Login button even though you are logged in. Instead of showing the gravatar in the top right part. 
  • Rob Kooper : Files is no longer enabled, instead of showing files show users (no link).
  • Rob Kooper : Entering a wrong id of space/dataset/collection will throw exception.
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  1. Need a way to invite people into a space.