Active activities/projects

The following are known and planned activities/projects. We have committed resources to these projects are either 1) defining requirements/tasks in the backlog or 2) actively working on requirements/task in sprint. In other words, there should be tasks in JIRA for these projects now to meet the deadline.

Einstein Toolkit Tutorial Pilot9/20/17 -OngoingJIRA Tasks
NSF CyberCorps SFS Proposal11/1 - 12/5/2017SubmittedProposal
ESIP NCAR PilotNovember - JulyPlanningTBD
Globus World

Abstract due 2/15

Conference 4/25-26

PEARC 2018 Panel

Abstract due 12/8/2017

2/19/18 Panel due

Conference 7/22-27

Accepted, full paper due
HackIllinois2/23 - 2/25Planning/committedSupport, WB Instance
DataDrivenAg2/26 - 27Planning/committed
Science Platforms Workshop2/26 - 28AttendingNone
PEARC 2018 Paper

Abstract due 12/8/2017, paper

3/19/18 Panel due

Conference 7/22-27

Accepted, full proposal duePaper
RDAP Summit3/21 - 3/23ScheduledPresentation
NSF SI2 ProposalDue 4/18Planning
BD Hubs Lightning Talk

5/18 info due

Presentation 6/1 3pm EST

Earthcube All Hands6/6-8Tentative
MBDH/NDS Workshop7/11 - 12Planning
ESIP Summer 20187/17-20 (San Diego)Tentative
SGCI9/25-27 (Austin)Tentative
SuperComputing 201811/11-16 (Dallas)Tentative
CODATA/RDA Data Science School

Anticipated activities/projects

The following are anticipated projects and priorities. No resources are actively committed to working on either requirements or tasks. In other words, there are no tasks in JIRA.

PEARC 20187/22 - 7/28/2018


Completed activities/projects

CyberTraining proposalDue 2/14Abandoned
SGCI Webinar12/13/2017Done1 hr webinar
RDA Adoption proposalDue 11/30/2017Declined
SC17 Demo11/12 - 11/17/2017DoneDemo
NCSA Industry Conference10/11 - 10/12/2017DoneDemo
BBD 201710/4/2017DoneDemo
RDA 10th Plenary9/19 - 9/21/2017DoneNone
National Bridge Inventory8/31 - 10/4/2017DoneEpic
Container workshop8/14 - 8/16/2017DoneDraft report published
BioCADDIE pilot5/1 - 7/30/2017DoneJIRA Tasks
iSchool pilot support4/1 ~ 6/15/2017

Done (for now)

JIRA Tasks
PI4 Bootcamp5/30-6/9/17Done
Earth Cube All-Hands meeting6/8/2017DoneJIRA Tasks
Einstein Toolkit School7/31 - 8/2/2017Done
ThinkChicago8/2 - 8/4/2017DoneJIRA Tasks
Container workshop8/14 - 8/16/2017Draft report due 8/31
ESIP Meeting7/25 - 7/28


NCSA Industry PartnersJune 20-21DiscussingUndefined
RDA Adoption proposalDue 11/30/2017Declined

Emerging use cases:

We're seeing the following primary use cases for Workbench:

  • Training/workshop platform (IASSIST, Phenome2017, PI4, Einstein Toolkit School, ThinkChicago)
    • Open issues: filesystem performance and reliability (ETK); how to handle actual data processing (ThinkChicago, PI4); simplifying installation and scaling
  • Interactive analysis/development environments for remote data (TERRA-REF, NIB)
    • Open issues: integration with HPC environments (how to handle real data processing); hosting data (NIB mongo/raw); hosting "apps" developed around the data; integrating with core infrastructure (SSO, permissions, etc); sharing data
  • Platform for sharing/publishing/(preserving) tools (workbench beta)

Planned features

Based on this, we've prioritized the following features:

  • Workbench to HPC
    • Package and launch jobs on HPC systems from within workbench
    • Exploring integration with Agave
  • Workbench to Cloud
    • Export application configuration to run on Docker-enabled cloud infrastructure (e.g., docker compose)
  • Stability/scalability
    • Failover/backups
    • Improved deployment process
    • Commercial cloud support/storage generalization
    • Improved scaling/minimal cluster configuration – migration path from single node to multinode?
  • Authentication
    • Modular authentication for integration with different systems
    • OIDC/Oauth support
    • Possible integration with CILogon or Globus Auth
  • Project-specific catalogs and views
  • Security analysis for Docker containers
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