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Discussion items

  • PR for adding numeric and date fields to Elasticsearch. Previously searched for strings only.  Now will add </> dates, numeric.
  • ODM extractor updated - add fast-orthophoto flag as UI parameter?
  • Report download failing again for files on SIMPL - same reason .js script is failing?  Need to fix asap
  • Push for PyClowder. 
  • Created a communication post for extractors catalog and projects are being retrofitted.
Mike L.
  • PR for Extractor Catalog: Job History features
    • Forgot "My Jobs" / "All Jobs" count columns.. need to revisit
  • Looked at Bing's PR for the viewlogs feature
    • Can't test without Graylog, wiki page with installation instructions is locked down
  • View graylog PR is under review. Made a draft pr for the view metrics feature.
  • demo the draft pull request of extractor view metrics (e.g., view metrics ncsa.image.metadata).
  • Users are not able to click the link to view the logs if the log service endpoint is not defined. The empty extractor prefix is fine.
  • When we do a query, we need to describe the prefix of the extractor service.
  • Michael Lambert need to have feedback from users about exactly what they wanted to see.  I will ask them for more detail
  • We should keep one version and one record, rather than register many versions.  It could be confusing, but we may one to keep a history of past versions (with different names).
  • On the instruction page (Graylog and its configuration in Clowder proxy.) there is a padlock, if it is unlocked, anyone can edit.
Mike B.
  • Have clowder auth & api based text-search on web-ui entered datasets
  •  Still have problems w/api POSTing jsonLD metadata
  • Have colab notebook w/txt-search: general&on metadata fields
  •  Will add metadata post 2NB,but run near jsonLD cache into new open instance
  • Clowder should work for search &can get 2ndry use later, w/post search metadata
  • Council of Data Facilities/Web based CSV
  • Can we increase the time out?  It's a time sucker to have to start over every six hours.
  • MBD Conference in October. 
  • Next round of repositories to become open source (with proper documentation)
  • absent
  • Nothing to report except that you guys ROCK!

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