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Original approach was to upgrade one version of play at a time and keep all functionality. This turned out incredible difficult given all the interdependencies between libraries and scala version. See old branch:

Currently working on this: Luigi Marini Rob Kooper Maxwell Burnette Todd Nicholson

New approach is as follows:

  • Remove all unused and legacy code. This will be 2.0.
  • Elasticsearch upgrade
    • Pull request exists to upgrate 2.3.5 to 7.5 
  • Modify code to be compatible with newer versions of Playframework. 4.0+
    • Should jump straight to 2.7 or 2.6. We need to figure out which one. 
      • Update to Play 2.8, Update Scala to 2.12, keep Casbah because now it supports 2.12
        • One branch we all work on to do this that will be broken for a while. We can make PRs but we can't run the code in progress.
    • Migrate authentication / authorization:
  • New MongoDB implementation. This will be 3.0+.
  • How do tests factor in? can we start writing them before the refactoring? For example unit tests of services vs play scala tests of controllers actions.
  • Enforce style as part of this process. Using IDE? We should look at what rules and style software to use.


Here is a list of plugins that, as of 1/6/2020, nobody has created a pull request yet to turn into a service. Can any be deleted or ignored, and who is doing them in what order? 

  • MailerPlugin (it was not clear if this plugin actually gets used to send email to me - Todd.)
  • PolyglotPlugin (pull request created, 27 Jan 20)
  • PostgresPlugin (removal added to remove geostreams pull request, 27 Jan 20)
  • RDFExporterPlugin 
  • RDFExportService (implements plugin)
    • Since the RDF endpoints have been removed, can the RDF plugins be removed as well? 
    • Pull request created for removing these plugins (note added - 1/15/2020)
  • SecureSocialTemplatesPlugin
  • SpaceCopyPlugin 
    • Todd - will replace with value in conf. This plugin is simply enabled or not. (Pull request created)
  • SpaceSharingPlugin
    • Todd - will replace with value in conf, again, either enabled or not. (Pull request created)
  • StagingAreaPlugin
    • This plugin worked pretty much the same as SpaceCopy and SpaceSharing, so I replaced it with a value in the application.conf in the same pull request as those 2 plugins. (Todd, 1/7/2020). 
  • TempFilesPlugin
  • ToolManagerPlugin
    • Removed by Todd (pull request now open)
  • VersusPlugin
    • Beginning this week (todd, 22 Jan 2020)


There are several significant changes to PyClowder that have been discussed - would be nice to bundle them into a corresponding release update for 2.0. (essentially pyclowder 3.0)

  • Move to a client-based structure entirely with standardized support for both key and user/pass, along with other improvements. Max has a branch from Spring 2019 with many of these implemented:
  • Improve support for extractor versioning
    • Include extractor version in attached metadata (perhaps in agent section, also needs Clowder upgrades for this)
    • Allow registration of multiple versions of same extractor and make sure API points to correct version
  • Flags for metadata upload functions to increase flexibility
    • overwrite metadata if from same name + version of extractor
    • skip extraction of metadata from same name + extractor exists
    • optional flag to ignore version matching?
  • move simple extractor into pyclowder formally so it's easy to import
    • move sample simple extractors somewhere else?

Play 2.6 Upgrade


Sbt migration:

Play 2.8 Upgrade

  • Luigi started a Play 2.6 branch in progress - Will merge this in our current 2.0

Library Update Status Oct. 2020

  • Replacing SecureSocial with Play Silhouette (
  • Mongo Salat
    • Replacing DAO patterns, Luigi started work, Todd bugfixes, might be done.
    • some IDE errors may also exist in master
  • Updating common Play imports
    • Configuration if any remaining
    • Iteratee/Enumerator replacements
    • Some stronger typing requirements where we have types inferred
    • Play import changes (same code, different paths mostly

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