• Project updates

WhoPlan for the week (Monday)Accomplished (Friday)

Jing Ge (KnowEng)

  • Work on connecting function between front end and back end
  • Done with the connecting function
  • Rob
    • other projects
  • Max
    • extractors
    • search in clowder
  • Yan++
    • extractor to insert geopoints in clowder
  • NDS-370 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-177 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-365 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-364 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-368 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-415: lodash 4.5.1 _.matchesProperty iteratee shorthand is suddenly broken - Closed
  • NDS-391: ELK bugs - Closed
  • NDS-378: Prototype noVNC to support X11-based interfaces - In Review
  • NDS-374: Opinionated Python extractor development environment - In Review
  • NDS-370: Explore automating Docker builds for NDS Labs images - Closed
  • NDS-364: Improve search / filter / categorization for catalog viewer - Closed
  • NDS-363: Configuration wizard adjustments - Closed
  • NDS-362: User should be able to clone a spec into their personal catalog - Closed
  • NDS-361: User should be able to add a new spec to their personal catalog - Closed
  • NDS-360: User should be able to delete a spec to their personal catalog - Closed
  • NDS-359: User should be able to view/edit a spec within their personal catalog - Closed
  • NDS-358: User should be able to export a spec from their personal catalog - Closed
  • NDS-357: User should be able to import a spec to their personal catalog  - Closed
  • NDS-313: Change default storage handling - GUI - Closed
  • NDS-309: Ansible needs to add remote HTTP/HTTPS security groups to LoadBalancer node - Closed
  • NDS-307: Our container tag-naming in kubernetes resource specifications is error-prone - Closed
  • NDS-306: Docker builds sourcing base image tag :latest is non-deterministic - Closed
  • NDS-302: Add servers for cluster monitoring tools - Closed
  • NDS-299: Add TLS to ingress rules and Ansible tasks to deploy-tools - Closed
  • NDS-291: Race condition in UI prevents showing stack service name when running off-site - Closed
  • NDS-273: Volume information is not refreshed when optional services removed - Closed
  • NDS-268: User can stop stack in error state - Closed
  • NDS-233: Documentation: Audit developer workflows - Closed
  • NDS-220: Discuss requirements for developer support - Closed
  • NDS-179: User should be allowed to edit existing Service configuration - Closed
  • NDS-178: User should be allowed to edit existing Volume details - Closed
  • NDS-177: User should be allowed to edit an existing Stack's name - Closed
  • CC* Proposals
  • Followup on workshop dates
  • Add pilots section to report
  • Psi meetings
  • CC* Proposals
  • Floating NDC workshop dates
  • NDS Report draft completed
  • Psi discussions
  • AFM format with Todd - yes
  • started templates with MDF description, data ingestion

PSi integration programmers followup meeting (Tue) and support.

Modifications if necessary to PSI messaging libraries

NDS-346 - Getting issue details... STATUS and posting the anticipated group of associated bugs

NDS-343 - Getting issue details... STATUS

NDS-348 - Getting issue details... STATUS

NDS-307 - Getting issue details... STATUS && NDS-306 - Getting issue details... STATUS related

Attempt to reduce the impact of gitter support of many small questions.  Redirect basic prgrammer getting-started questions to online resources and determine small practical projects for learning that span the gap between over-simplified NDS tutorial, and level of complexity of advanced NDS labs services




  • NDS-344:  The registry work is done, but is not testable due to bug in our ansible deployment scripts that causes a cluster-deploy failure when the local docker plays are added without removing some other rules.

  • Presentation/discussion on NDSlabs use of OpenStack at Nebula users-group 
  • PSi
    • Refactored the inter-model messaging to use sysv message queues
    • Coded a full-integration example of 3 models communicatting C->python->matlab→C
    • Refactored the codebase into new git repository - was 6GB
  • Meetings - 16 hrs
    • NDSWeekly:1, PSi tues:2, Dev Workflows: 2, TLS discuss(341/377):1, Nebula UG: 3, sprint-plan:2, Psi weekly:3, NDS core:1, discuss 365/368:1


  • NDSC6 Planning
  • NDS Project Plan

Craig Willis (TERRA)

  • NDS-403: Get Nebula team to configure NDSLabs and NDSLabsDev projects - In Progress
  • NDS-400: Update specs to include references to related tag ids - Closed
  • NDS-392: Fix apiserver build to work with Dockerhub automated builds - Resolved
  • NDS-381: Update NDS Labs documentation, images, repos for pilots - Resolved
  • NDS-380: SharedConfig no longer makes sense with new Dashboard - Resolved
  • NDS-377: Discuss creating private beta test instance - Closed
  • NDS-373: Spec validation on API server - Closed
  • NDS-371: API server throws HTTP 500 when deleting spec via CLI from system catalog - Resolved
  • NDS-368: Discuss file manager requirements - Resolved
  • NDS-365: Discuss implications of long-term resource consumption - Resolved
  • NDS-342: Labs Developer Python Environment - Closed
  • NDS-341: Discuss requirements and design for TLS support - Closed
  • NDS-336: Vocabulary for service labels/tags - Resolved
  • NDS-335: Service spec changes - Resolved
  • NDS-329: WSO2 Identity Server prototype - In Progress
  • NDS-272: Add https/wss support to GUI - Closed
  • NDS-261: System enforces storage quotas - Resolved
  • NDS-211: Define requirements for repository recommender - In Progress
  • NDS-210: Cluster admin can create/update/delete volume for project - CLI/API - Resolved
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