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User should be able to view/edit a spec within their personal catalog


      As the-end user of NDS Labs, it would be nice to be able to edit a spec to my personal catalog. This would allow me to, for example, change to different Docker tag for a particular spec to test a new version of the software.

      This functionality is provided by NDS-357 (import spec) + NDS-360 (delete spec), but this could potentially be much more user-friendly.

      This form should simply be a verbose listing of all fields on a spec:

      • Key (should this be editable?)
      • Label
      • Access? Internal / External / None
      • Display? Stack / Standalone / None / (DevStack?)
      • Dependencies
      • Configuration Options
      • Volumes
      • Ports
      • etc...

      This story is complete when the user can access a form allowing them to easily author a spec and add it to their personal catalog from the NDS Labs UI.

      Aside: Are there security concerns with this?

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