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Phase 1 load testing


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    • NDS Sprint 14

      Created based on NDS-579

      Phase 1: Labs Dev Team

        • David, Craig, and Mike (possibly Kenton and Kandace?) would all access the same cluster simultaneously to generate load equivalent to ~5 or more users. Can probably achieve more using multiple browsers and incognito windows.


      1. Generate load on the system for a given number of users
      2. Monitor the system's resource utilization using Grafana
        • This will give us a benchmark of the expected "load" on the cluster
      3. Take user feedback regarding general usability of the system under the desired load conditions
        • This will let us know if user performance has degraded due to any stress on the system
      4. Take note of how any node additions / removals affect resource constraint, and to what degree
        • If the system's resources become constrained, add a node to the cluster alleviating the resource constraint
        • If the system is far over-saturated with resources, remove a node from the cluster to simulate a downed node

      1 hour group testing
      1 hour writing new issues

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                  Time Spent - 2 hours, 30 minutes Remaining Estimate - 3 hours, 30 minutes
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