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  • We did a 1.11 release and a pyclowder release this week.
  • We are trying to get an extractor release next week and will need a lot of PR's
  • Extractor View Metrics have updates
  • Migration code with Mongo is not working with extractor field - perhaps drop the spaces.  Once I push this, please test.
  • Constantinos from Cyprus is asking how to handle zip files (could be a bug)
  • Everyone take a look at he Main Branch prior to release mid-next week.
  • Will be adding examples in clowder jupyter - both generic and technical will be helpful to all
  • Update README when you add a notebook
  • Some discussion of date handling for metadata search in https://github.com/clowder-framework/clowder/pull/76
  • Updated PR for wireframe extractor page to add filters, planning to add more before release next week
  • Have metadata parsing from XML json file working for RDA ingest, last remaining parts are the streaming of remote files and folder recreation
  • Elasticsearch format - date alternate format gives an error.  Dates should have hyphens rather than slashes.  We could have a date picker.
  • There is a date and time widget which should trigger the date picker.
  • Syngenta does not have this picker
  • Maxwell Burnette create a follow up issue
  • Recreating folder structure.  PR should be ready next week
  • Will fix the conflicts in the branch extractor
Mike L.
  • pyclowder releases 2.3.2 and 2.3.3
  • bug fix for heartbeat
  • helm chart release 0.6.1 (soon 0.6.2)
  • includes clowder 1.11.1
  • auto PR for extractors based on pyclowder release
  • Ratings and Comments will be removed during this release.
  • In clowder-framework/extractors-clamav, Rob has created an automatic update to the latest version of pyclowder and create PR's.
  • This should be in documentation to advertise this.
Mike B.
  • Got CDF repos in clowder spaces, w/search etc, but a way to go, so
  •  Created proposals wiki page to get it to be more like present search
  • Have assert code in github &will get crawling as code in ec-github as well
  • Crawl is a few scripts being turned into code incl dealing w/sitemaps etc.
  • tarting to look back at clowder code to fix openness vs move to 2ndry use
  • People can refer to bullet points to make comments.
  • Using notebook for query and will add to github.
  • Please make a PR against the Clowder Jupyter notebook
  • Promoted Metadata in Space Displayed on Right Panel
  • Who to invite to 10/23 Webinar - Change to November 6th for webinar

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