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  1. My request is to allow batch admin operations. For example, I am using Clowder for my class of 29 students and had to individually accept each person's account and each person's request to join my space. I'd like to have a feature to select all requests at once and approve them all with a particular level of access.

    1. Thank you Barbara Minsker . There is also a similar request related to having a way to specify which space a user is automatically put in once they sign up. Would that be helpful for your needs?

      1. That could be useful too, as long as I can upload a list of emails rather than doing each one individually. I'm just thinking of the list of requests that show up for approval on my space. I want to be able to click one box at the top that selects all of the requests and approves them simultaneously with the same level of access. Also on the Invites page, getting the 29 emails in a list with a comma between each is tedious. A feature to upload a CSV file with the emails would be much easier, as I could cut and paste from my roster.